Top Fuel Dragster

Between rounds, work on any Top Fuel car looks frantic but actually is organized and efficient. Here, the BME Crew works on the BME/Okuma/Red Line Oil Dragster's nitromethane-fueled, 8000-hp, 500-cuin. BAE Hemi at the NHRA Winternationals at Pomona, California in February of 2008.

Asst. Crewchief, Ron Hixson, works on one of the BME car's BAE billet cylinder heads in between rounds at the 2004 Winternationals.

BME Top Fuel Dragster 
and Component List

chassis BME
engine displacement 500 cubic inches
power 8000 horsepower at
8200 rpm
weight 2350-lbs
wheelbase 300 in.
engine block Brad Anderson Enterprises, forged aluminum
bore 4.187
stroke 4.500
bearings Clevite
crankshaft Sonny Bryant
connecting rods BME
pistons BME
piston pins BME
piston rings Dana Corporation
oil filter Fram
oil pump System 1
oil pan Copperhead
camshaft Bullet Cams
lift and duration BME proprietary
lifters Crane Cams, 1 1/16 in. roller
pushrods IRC
cylinder heads Brad Anderson Enterprises,
billet aluminum
intake valves Manley, titanium
exhaust valve Manley, Inconel
valve springs Manley 500-lbs seat, 1200-lbs open
rocker arms int. Stage 5 exh. Reid
supercharger Gibson/Miller Mark II
supercharger drive gear oil Red Line Synthetic 75W90
Gear Lubricant
injector assembly Gibson/Miller
fuel pump Waterman, 110-gpm at 8000 rpm
fuel system BME
hoses and fittings XRP
barrel valve Pete Jackson
ignition MSD Pro Mag 44 (dual)
spark plug wires MSD Super Conductor
spark plugs Autolite AR5383
oil Red Line Synthetic 70WT
Nitro Racing Oil
fuel 90% nitromethane 10% methanol
engine and supercharger blankets Taylor
clutch AFT 10.5 in. dia., 5-disc
bell housing Trick Titanium



The heart of the BME Top Fuel Car is a 500 cubic inch, Hemi shortblock made-up of BAE aluminum block, a Sonny Bryant crankshaft, BME Forged Aluminum Connecting Rods, BME Wrist Pins and BME Forged Aluminum Pistons. Image: BME Ltd.

Top Fuel motors are all about incredibly strong parts such as the valve gear on the BME/Okuma/Red Line Oil Dragster's Brad Anderson Hemi. Image: BME Ltd.


reverser Moore Performance
chassis builder Don Long
steering Don Long
wheels Weld
front tires Goodyear Eagle Top Fuel Frontrunner
rear tires  Goodyear Eagle Dragway Special
rear end Chrisman, 12-in. 3.20:1 ratio
rear end oil Red Line Synthetic Heavy
Shockproof Gear Lubricant
brakes Chrisman, carbon/carbon
body fabrication John and Jerome Brown
ABC Metal Fabrication
parachutes Taylor
data recorder Race Pak
wiring BME
driver Troy Buff
team owner Bill Miller
crew chief Bill Miller


Car Owner Bill Miller (left) and Driver, Troy Buff, discuss the legendary, Gibson/Miller Supercharger. It's a collaborative effort between Miller and aerodynamacist, Tim Gibson, and is the highest performing and most durable supercharger in blown-fuel racing. The Mark II version, released on 2007, improves upon the first version's already excellent performance. The BME Top Fuel Team's race effort directly benefits the Gibson/Miller Supercharger though continuous improvement. Image: BME Ltd.


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